About the Foundation

About EuroPolonia Foundation, established in 2010, is a non-profit organisation based on volunteers work. The Foundation rose to help European migrants who came to Netherlands to seek better life as well as poor families children – solitary mothers and families


  Our goal is helping children. We are helping in children personal development.    


We are helping people no matter what their background, lifestyle and beliefs are. Project is aimed at Poles living in the Netherlands, who have adaptation and development problems that are caused by language, cultural and law differences etc., it is


With polish culture through Europe The most important results in participating in culture that determine social development, is amplifying personality, human values: creative abilities, sensitivity and imagination, sense of aesthetics. Culture enables an identification with community, region, nation, generation, and


Educational forms we are practicing: Non-formal education Non-formal education refers to deliberately organised education which is being applied beneath known formal education system. This education lasts whole life. It is very important form of education, based on culture and workshops.


Movies, music, poetry, dances. The multifunctionality of the property provides opportunities for the organization of various cultural events:     Concerts Literature and poetry evenings Dance parties Classical music shows Folklore meetings       Intercultural poetry and music are

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