emigrWe are helping people no matter what their background, lifestyle and beliefs are.

Project is aimed at Poles living in the Netherlands, who have adaptation and development problems that are caused by language, cultural and law differences etc., it is especially for people with bad life situation ( e.g. immigrants, people with random accidents and social exclusion).

The project’s goal is achieved by operations focused on liquidating and reducing barriers that constrict efficient functioning on labour market and in society.

  • Acquaintance with law regulations and rules about life and work in the Netherlands;
  • Developing practical abilities that helps in implementation of labour and personal plans
  • Institutional agency helping (departments: work, municipality, financial, life insurance, etc.)
  • Law advice, lawyer and language support
  • Helping in unexpected events (hospital contact, illness, supply grants receiving, etc.)

Solitary mothers with children and families with disabled children are under special care.

All the actions are implemented by Foundation staff and volunteers with the support of cooperative organizations and people, who have many years of experience in such activity.

We support Poles, who complain about loneliness and discrimination. A loneliness among immigrants is composed and multileveld, but the knowledge about it is still little, especially in opening a window of opportunity to contacts in polish language and contacts with the families left in mother country. Deficiency of needed infrastructure handicaps in taking actions for Poles, such as: learning social forms of life (private and individual), establishing and keeping lasting interpersonal relations and supplying their mental needs.